The Way of the Shirticus

First things first – We are not interested in pants. Pants are for the weak minded. Would I be so stupid as to turn to my business partner and say, “Larry, lets get into pants” or “Pants will be big this summer”. I don’t think so and anyway Stu hates it when I call him Larry.

We are here because of shirts. Or more specifically things on shirts. We care to the point of slightly bothering to make sure you do not step out of the house in a plain t-shirt, saying nothing and meaning nothing. Why be an empty vessel when you can be a cream laiden yacht? You be the judge.

So remember kids when you turn 30 and your parents finally kick you out of home, look around at the end of the driveway and proudly say, “Not without my Shirticus mum”.

Team Shirticus

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