What About Shirticus

Where could we possibly start? How about a little after the beginning and then we’ll get all origin story on your respective asses? This little operation began life in 2006 out of a small cottage in Eden Hill, Western Australia, selling our shirts to stores and direct to customers across the land. After a successful run and too much fun (i’m doing everything I can to stop myself from rapping) we found ourselves deep in other creative projects and decided to hit the pause button. Now in 2022, it’s time to put our grubby little index finger on the play button again. Shirticus is re-born!

And what of this Shirticus character? Stuart Medley and Cam Merton are the surrogate parents of the little rascal. Not that we would ever tell him, but Shirticus is adopted. He’s actually a product of Hidden Shoal Publishing, a little like the way George Bush was a product of the Neo Conservatives or Donald Trump was the by-product of an unauthorised Oompa Loompa cloning experiment.

But enough about maniacal dictators, let’s talk about us. How did Cam and Stu get the chance to raise such a fine boy together and without even being in a same sex marriage? We believe that the BinMillion comedy project they both contributed to may well have been the start of it all. Having said that though, Stu and Cam are both fine and upstanding members of their creative communities being internationally published designers, illustrators, musicians and contemporary artists between them. I would have them as my own parents if I wasn’t already one of them.

And what of this Hidden Shoal Publishing? Well our inside sources suggest they may also be involved in a very cool independent music label and licensing agency which can be found here. And how about this Stuart Medley creature? Is he the same designer, comic artist and general visual wonder machine found here? You be the Judge, Judy.

Mumma Shirticus